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London Maternity Photography

23 MAY 2015 by Shen

London Maternity Photography London Maternity Photography London Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is a lot slower paced than the other types of photography that I usually do. Today’s shoot was for a few friends of mine who wanted to record this special time in their lives. So we arranged to meet up near Reagents Park on Saturday morning and took some nice casual photos of the proud parents with the baby bump.


The tall grass and the colourful flowers helped us achieve the look that we had planned for. We had shared images between us so we all had a rough idea of what we would be trying to achieve today. It is important that we have some baby props for these types of shoots as it would convey a subtle message in the photos.


As for colours I advised them to wear neutral or pastel colours where possible so were would be able to get a nice evenly toned set of photos – which we did. The photos came our quite nicely and we all had a good day.


The parents went on to have a lovely baby girl about 3 weeks later. Bless them.


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