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London Party Photography

23 MAY 2015 by Shen

London Party Photography London Party Photography

Another pub shoot for a couple as they celebrated their nuptials with family and friends over in London. I was booked by a lovely couple to photograph a special day as they invited their close family and friends for an intimate event in a nice cosy pub besides the Thames in central London.


The hall was quite small up on the 3rd floor overlooking the river and had a nice little balcony, which brought in a good amount of natural light. Fortunately it wasn’t too windy so I didn’t have a problem with people adjusting their hair all the time we gather for a group shot.


As the evening got darker and the light got lesser and lesser I had no choice but to start shooting with the flash on. The problem with using the flash in a room with large glass windows is that the light gets bounced back at me and also gives a lot of glare. The worst of all I think it that I am not able to get the nice street lights that could be seen through the windows on the road below. The only way I could bring those lights in was if I shot with slower shutter but at the risk of getting the subjects inside the room blurred out – which was not the best way to go about it is.


The lens I used the most today was the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 shooting at either f/2.8 or at or f/4. Shooting with the aperture wide open would bring some nice ambient light so that corners of the room would still show up in the shot, but of course shooting groups of people at f/2.8 is not the best thing to do. Yes – small groups of may be 2-3 people standing together in the same plane could be done, but still it was risky. But when I need to take those creative shots where the main person is in focus surrounded by a bunch of friends who were either looking at her or away from the camera while still being blurred out makes some nice pictures. 


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