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London Wedding Photoshoot

21 MAY 2015 by Shen

London Wedding Photoshoot London Wedding Photoshoot London Wedding Photoshoot

Bridal photo shoots in this wonderful big city is something most wedding couples aspire to have - especially couples from the Far East. Today I was asked to do one such shoot for a lovely young Chinese couple.

We arranged to meet as at their central London hotel where we had a quick chat about the logistics of today’s shoot and then hoped into a black cab to head over to Westminster. The bride was in her full flowing gown and the groom in his black suit. It was a nice sunny day today, which was a good thing because the last thing you would need on a day like today was rain!


We started off quite slowly near the Westminster Bridge and along the South Bank area before making our way slowly towards Buckingham palace where we took photos at St’ James park and also near the big gates of the palace.


I kept the aperture more of less constant at around f5.6 – f7 so that I would have a depth of field deep enough to get both the bride and the groom in focus, especially since they didn’t stand too close to one another with their outfits.


I used my Canon flashlight at about ½ power, enough to block out the natural light and light up the subjects in front of me. I would have liked to have an assistant with me using a reflector but that would mean us attracting even more attention to ourselves, which is not a very good thing especially on such small shoots.


We came away with some pretty nice shots after a total of about 3 hours walking around the city and taking some nice photos.


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