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Profile / Headshots for Linkedin and website

28 APR 2013 by Shen

Taking corporate head shots has always been a fun challenge for me and often comes out quite nicely. I was hired today by a kind gentleman to have his profile photo taken – at his home as that is where he also worked from. Being mobile myself, this was quite easy to do.


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Event Photography: Quiz Night

21 MAR 2013 by Shen

I was hired to cover a corporate quiz night at a popular pub in central London earlier this evening. It was the first time I was shooting in such conditions - especially with the lighting so low and lots of people seated at tables. Since the quiz master was standing in one corner of the room, everyone kept their eyes on him, which in a way made things easier for...

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Product Photography in London

19 MAR 2013 by Shen

Often I am hired to photograph products for client's websites. Today we had to go to the client’s home as they were still only starting off, and also didn't have the full product line with them yet, so we had to move the labels around during the shoot.


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London Hairdressers Training - Tony and Guy

26 NOV 2012 by Shen

As an avid graphic designer myself I love to design and edit photographs. And yes – I share the same fear as other designers when it comes to editing strands of hair on a model’s photograph. Trust me – it’s a nightmare. So you can only imagine my state of mind when I was booked to shoot a training session at a leading hair extension salon...

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Garment Product Shoot for Website

22 AUG 2010 by Shen

I shoot on a regular basis for various merchants around London and one of them are into children’s garments, which needs to be shot and edited to remove the background so they can add it into their online shop on their website.


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