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Proposal Photography Bond Style

16 MAY 2015 by Shen

What a fun day it was today! A boat company rang me to arrange a photo shoot for one of their clients as he had booked the speedboat to take his fiancé down the river Thames and pop the big question. To make things even more interesting he had booked a group of singers (The Buzztones...

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Marriage Proposal at Royal Albert Hall

03 MAY 2015 by Shen

When it comes to proposing to that special person in your life, it is always nerve wrecking and often scary. I am fortunate to have been a part of a few proposals over the years and seen some really nice moments shared between two people in love.


Today was one such...

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Wedding Photographer London

02 MAY 2015 by Shen

As a wedding photographer it can often get quite tiring running around the whole day making sure you are at the right spot at the right time. After all, it is quite a responsibility to ensure that all the best moments are recorded. Then there are those images that need to recorded in order to tell the story of this special day. All in all, with experience this becomes...

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Corporate Head Shots Photography

22 APR 2015 by Shen

As a photographer I am often asked to shoot professional corporate head shots of executives from various business sectors across the city. After all a good professional photograph is quite important if you would like to give out the correct vibe. Specially for social media and websites like LinkedIn.


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Party Photography

12 APR 2015 by Shen

Covering parties is something I really enjoy doing - specially when it comes to civil ceremonies and receptions. Today I was fortunate enough to be a part of a very special evening for a wonderful couple as they celebrated their wedding nuptials.

The place was lively with wonderful music playing, friendly smiles filled the room and the lighting was...

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Cleaning Team Photographer

09 APR 2015 by Shen

Today was a fun day. I had to shoot for a cleaning company which cleaned several premium offices in the City of London. These images were for their rebranding and therefore would go into their new brochures and website.


Being a cleaning company, they had to get...

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Kids Birthday Party Photography

08 APR 2015 by Shen

There is something special being a part of a kid’s birthday party and being able to photograph special events such as these. Kids Birthday Party Photography is usually filled with happy parents and their friends as they get together to celebrate this happy day.



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Miss Universe Norway 2015 Contestant - Christine Berge

06 APR 2015 by Shen

It was a dream come true – to be given the opportunity to photograph someone who could go on to be a world figure. Today I was asked to photograph the very beautiful and talented Christine Berge as she put together her model portfolio in order to compete for the title of Miss Norway and go on to represent Norway in the Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant.

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