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Falling in Love with London

15 FEB 2015 by Shen

Today I got to spend a really fun day on a couple’s photography session as we took some beautiful pictures around the city but at the same time had a really fun day with lots of good laughs. To start off with, the weather wasn’t all that great, but we were prepared for anything.


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Black Portrait Session

07 FEB 2015 by Shen

Finally after much thought and patience I have ventured into the black studio photography which I have aptly named ‘BLACK Series’. In this set up, I use a single standard soft box at about 45 degrees to the model, kept about just a foot away at about the same height as the model’s face.


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A Portrait Session in London

04 FEB 2015 by Shen

Portraiture has always been one of my favourite type of photography. It is possible the main reason I got into photography in the first place. Today I took my Canon 5D MKIII and my new Canon 85mm f1.8 lens and headed out behind the busy city to take a few profile shots a friend.

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Kids Party Photography in London

01 FEB 2015 by Shen

Today I was booked to cover a birthday party of a fun little girl as she (along with her parents) invited their friends to come join in the fun at a leisure centre. Photographing kids is not easy – and especially when there are so many of them running around.


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Honeymoon in London

24 JAN 2015 by Shen

London is often the destination of choice for many tourist from the Far East. Today we took some photos of a lovely couple as they visited this beautiful city on the occasion of their honeymoon coupled with Valentine’s Day. They want to have some photos taken of them in some famous landmarks of this great city and were open for...

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Family Photography in London

24 JAN 2015 by Shen

Family is (one of) the most important thing in life. And today I was booked to take some family photos of a beautiful family in North London as their granddad celebrated his birthday. It was nice day with the sun out but still quite chilly as it was just at beginning of spring.

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Proposal at Westminster at Night

06 JAN 2015 by Shen

The Big Ben is an iconic London landmark – and today it represented something a little more special for one lovely couple as they celebrated 10 years together. I was asked to be at the Westminster area at 10 pm to secretly photograph this lovely couple as the gentleman proposed to his girlfriend. They have been together for 10 years,...

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Party Photographer London

27 DEC 2014 by Shen

As a party photographer in London I am often booked to cover various types of parties – form birthday parties to farewell parties. Today was a birthday party that was being held in a small beautiful pub / club in central London.


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