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London Photographer - Portraits

25 DEC 2014 by Shen

Today we decided to head out and take some photos of a lovely couple – who are also some of the nicest people I know. We were just about to have our usual Christmas lunch but first decided to step outdoors and take some photos of the love birds.


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A Family Photographer in London

21 DEC 2014 by Shen

Today I was booked to take some photos of a beautiful and fun couple in North London. The weather was not too good as it was a chilly morning, and since we decided to shoot in a park next to a small lake didn’t help! But needless to say we managed to get some rather beautiful photographs.


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Actors Profile Photography

19 DEC 2014 by Shen

London is a hub for many upcoming artists today I was booked to cover an actors profile as she got ready for her play next month in a solo play. The role she was playing was to do with vampires – and therefore wanted to get some photos taken of her in her costume, outdoors in the darker parts of the road holding a dagger.

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Fitness Photographer in London

14 DEC 2014 by Shen

Heading over to the gym quite a struggle for most of us – I should know, as I haven’t stepped into a gym in years! Today I was booked to cover a training session where a team of gym instructors were training other gym instructors on proper use of the equipment and training techniques.


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Christmas Party Photographer London

13 DEC 2014 by Shen

Yay another party! Today I was booked to cover another Christmas party as a company celebrated Christmas in style. The venue looked really nice with an apartment style setting within the massive club. The only problem was, in order to keep the ambience intact and to set the mood there were many dark areas – which means either I had to pump up the flash or wait...

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Themed Party Photography in London

11 DEC 2014 by Shen

Today’s booking was to photograph a 50s themed Christmas party which also included a dance lesson by some professionals. The party also included a live band playing only 50’s music – which I must say was pretty sweet. The band kept strumming some wonderful party tunes and soon the party was well under way.

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Website Profile Photographer London

10 DEC 2014 by Shen

Today was a pretty straight forward shoot – headshots for some barristers as they need to get some professional photos taken for their profiles both on their website and also no their printed materials.


We booked a small area in one of London’s popular...

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Terra Deaf Business Show 2014

07 DEC 2014 by Shen

Today we were booked to cover the annual Deaf Business Christmas Business Show that was conducted by the good folk at Terra Consultancy who is an aspiring leader in professional communication.


The event had about 60 people spread across 3 main areas. There was a small exhibition area, a presentation area,...

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