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Event live streaming is rapidly becoming the norm. Share your special event with friends and family from all over the world using our live streaming service. This way your near and dear can be a part of your very special occasion and share the joy in real time.

We offer competitive prices for event live streaming in London with prices starting from just £150 for the first hour followed by £100/hr afterwards.

Optionally a recording of your live stream could also be made available.

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Live Stream on Zoom

Having your big event live streamed on Zoom is also possible. With up to 100 guests viewing remotely, you can make sure that no one is left out. From that friend who lives so far away, to that uncle who is alway so busy.
Live Streaming on Zoom
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A disclaimer about live streaming:

While a wifi connection is welcome, we generally do not rely on the venue having a wifi connection. Instead we use a fast wireless 4G connection to stream the video content onto the web. Sometimes there may be issues which affect the live stream or wireless connection. Some reasons include: the room that you have booked does not have a clear signal, or there is interference with the broadcast.

Also there will be a slight delay (stream latency) in the live stream of around 30 seconds, which is common. Specially after certain negative live streaming content from around the world.

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