Male Photographer in London - Mike



London based visual story teller. Mike has been told he is a good listener and that he can make even the shyest person feel comfortable in front of the camera; he still blushes slightly every time he hears this. Learning to read from his mother's art albums and later on finding his way around film cameras in the late '90s, you could say photography is his greatest love. In line with his curious, observant nature, his style is a documentary one, encouraging exploration and discovery.


The passion for photography turned into a full time job back in 2010. Since then he had the opportunity to be commissioned to produce a varied body of work, ranging from travel, architectural and documentary photography, to apparel and fashion photography, portraits and event photography. His clients span the whole spectrum from artists and happy couples to multinational corporations and governments.


Photography and Related Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Seeing Through Photographs, New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) continued education through books, courses and workshops.

My Gear

  • Fuji X-series cameras
  • Fujinon and Sigma lenses
  • Metz and Sigma speedlights


Couple in the field
Chef in the kitchen
Wedding cake
Just married